sell gold in milton keynes

Sell Gold in Milton Keynes

Sell gold in Milton Keynes at our Buy Sell and Loan shop

Now is a great time to sell gold in Milton Keynes for a very high price.

Perhaps you have unwanted scrap gold pieces or old jewellery so, convert them into cash by selling them to us.

Compaired to just a few years ago gold has now increased in value.

Therefore NOW is the best time to sell because of the increase in value!

We are one of the leading gold buyers in Milton Keynes because we offer great prices and instant cash for gold.

What type of gold do you buy?

Being expert pawnbrokers for over 22 years  we are able to assess and value almost any type of gold you may have.

We are interested in the following.

Scrap gold, gold bullion, gold coins, gold sovereigns, Indian gold jewellery.

Silver and diamonds hallmarked or not can still both be sold t us.


sell gold in milton keynes



How do you buy gold in Milton Keynes?

Want cash for gold in Bletchley?

The first step is to bring the scrap gold or diamonds to us to be valued.

This check confirms what carat gold it is.  Gold varies in carat from 9ct to 24ct gold.

Once confirmed we can offer you a cash price based around the weight of the item as gold is traded by its weight.

How do I get paid for my gold?

Once a price is confirmed this price is good until the next day, the reason being that gold prices vary day to day.

As one the best gold buyers in Milton Keynes we offer high prices so we have to move with the market price.

You can cash in your gold or sell your scrap gold straight away therefore we are happy to pay cash immediately.

The benefits of using our service are:

Free no obligation assessment.

Free valuation of your items.

Immediate cash available.

Open 6 days a week from 9 to 5.15pm.

Please refer to our pawnbrokers in Milton Keynes page to check for more information.

Sell gold in MK

pawnbroker services in Milton Keynes

Pawnbroker services in Milton Keynes

Many happy customers use our Pawnbroker services in Milton Keynes

What is a Pawnbroker Loan Buyback?

Using our pawnbroker services in Milton Keynes you can bring in items, we value them, offer you a cash loan against them.

When you need a short term cash loan, all you need to do is bring in gold jewellery, diamonds, gold watches, any electrical items like playstations or games etc.

As we are expert pawnbrokers we are able to value your items and give a short term cash loan against the item for up to 28 days.

If you need a buyback loan longer than 28 days then a separate buyback ticket will be issued.

How to sell gold in Milton Keynes?

If you have scrap gold or have unwanted gold jewellery that you want to sell to raise quick cash, then we offer some of the best rates.

We give immediate cash for gold.  Just come and visit one our friendly gold experts, they will value your gold and diamond jewellery.

Our pawnbroker services are able to give immediate assessment on all types of scrap gold, gold bullion.

Where can I sell my goods in Milton Keynes?

Sometimes you may have items that are no longer being used, want to turn them into cash?

In that case our pawn shop in Milton Keynes are able to value your item and offer you immediate cash.

Grab a bargain on Ebay

We have been selling goods on ebay for 15 years and have very high positive feedback.

Therefore if you are looking for a bargain just click through to our Ebay shop with listings from only 99p there's always a deal to be had.

For more information regarding financial service then you can contact the FSA.

If you need any help or more information then please CLICK HERE to contact us.

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